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Kimberly Christensen

Profile Updated: May 27, 2010
Residing In:
Middleton, WI USA
gymnastics coach

Let's see if I can sum up the last 20 years! I had a great time at Michigan State and still did manage to get a degree in physiology. Even though we didn't manage to go to the Rosebowl I learned basketball was a sport and squeezed in a trip to the Final 4 this year between Regionals(Kansas City) and Nationals(Des Moines) with my gymnastics team. I came back to Madison to work on a Social Work degree and "help out" at my old gym after graduation. 3 credits short I decided coaching was my real passion and have been doing that since. In 2000 I made the big switch from the gym I grew up at to Madtown Twisters. I was having a great time living on the lake in the family cottage in Middleton until my parents decided I shouldn't have all the fun and sold the "cottage" to live in their dream house on the lake. I found a fixer upper in Middleton and spent 5 years restoring it. Summer of 2007 I got a knock on the door -the fire dept wanted my land. After many negotiations, I loaded up the house(yes the actual house) on a truck and moved about 5 blocks down the street to a new lot. Fortunatelly I was flipping another property at the time so I spent about 6 months there while they were reattaching the old house. Everything worked out great-they have a new fire dept and I got about an acre of gardens and all new mechanicals in a hundred year old house! I think that's been enough house projects for awhile. That's about it. Hope everyone is doing well and I'll see ya at the next reunion!

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