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In Memory

Sean Ramsden

Sean Ramsden

Denver - Sean Ramsden of Denver CO originally of Madison WI, passed away unexpectedly of natural causes on September 27, 2014. Sean deeply loved skiing and experienced the world's most amazing slopes as an athlete and coach. Some highlights of his many accomplishments include: 1993 Individual GS NCAA National Championships and 2 Time First Team NCAA All American. He served as Executive Director / Alpine Director for Team Summit from 2002 - 2010 and most recently found incredible personal and professional satisfaction working with the U.S. Paralympic racing team all the way to the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia and beyond! 
Sean received a degree in History from the University of CO and continued to pursue this interest as he explored culture, sights and sounds everywhere he went. His love of history, personal athleticism, international travels and knowledge-seeking of all sorts gave Sean a unique perspective and wisdom. His compassionate, kind-hearted, fun-loving spirit made him an excellent friend, teammate and teacher both on and off the slopes. 
Sean was a citizen of the world whose home base had become the mountains of Colorado. He enjoyed visits to the Midwest which was also home, and especially loved spending time with his nieces and watching them grow. He has been blessed with many wonderful friendships too numerous to name and considered himself fortunate in this. He appreciated those who loved him more than words could ever say. 

Sean will be missed by many and has truly left a lasting impact on those who knew him. He was preceeded in death by his father Alan Ramsden, Aunts and Uncles: Geraldine / Frank Brander, Vincent Ramsden and Gary Jaekel. Sean is survived by his mother Sharon Jaekel, step-father Ron Smith; sisters Kris (Charles) Teasdale and Audra (Nelson) Ferreira; Nieces Cierra, Hannah, Ashley Teasdale, and Giulia Ferreira. Aunts and Uncles; Barb Jaekel, Kenneth (Alice) Ramsden, Ron Ramsden, Paul (Kathy) Ramsden, Dean (Jane) Ramsden, Gary Ramsden; step-siblings Nola (Roger) Stanley, Tim (Kath) Smith, Dan (Patti) Smith & many step nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles.

A Memorial Service will take place Saturday, October 4th at Asbury United Methodist Church (6101 University Ave, Madison, WI 53705) at 1:00 p.m. A light reception and time to visit will follow the service. 
In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the U.S. Paralympics Team.

See http://cressfuneralservice.com/obituary/128289/Sean-Ramsden/ for more

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09/30/14 12:41 PM #1    

Kara Wulf (Lacke)

So very sad to hear this news. Such a class act gone way too soon.

09/30/14 09:31 PM #2    

Katherine Wilcox (Rhode)

This is such sad news.  Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.


09/30/14 11:00 PM #3    

Alisa Stier (Adams)

Sad news. Heartfelt thoughts are with his family.


10/01/14 08:02 AM #4    

Michael Collet

So sorry to hear this, Sean was such a good guy.

10/01/14 12:56 PM #5    

Shannon Tempel (Brown)

gone too soon. Glad to know he took his passion for skiing, helped others and saw the world while doing it.

10/01/14 02:20 PM #6    

Gerard Vergara

Shocked and saddened to hear of this news, Sean was a great teammate and a great guy.

10/02/14 06:43 PM #7    

Peter Zana

Article about Sean posted at the CU website....
Not sure he'd care whether I share the story here or not, so I will because it will make ME feel better. (not sure how but it will. :)  And because I'm typing I won't be able to do my impression of him talking - which was usually with animated hands, with full on splayed out fingers!
I moved to Denver in May 1997, crashing on Casselman's couch while I looked for a job with Lance, Cass, sometimes Sean, and who knows who else... One day he and I were at Wash Park throwing a frisbee or something equally productive and Sean shared a candid observation about himself vs. others.  He basically said to me - "I feel like I'm not on a path yet.  Like I don't yet have direction.  And like you, and Cass, etc both have good jobs and you've got direction."  (I had literally spent 4 years in a job I didn't like and had just quit to move to Denver...so it wasn't entirely accurate but he was on a roll...)  And being only 25 years old, I didn't really know how to react, other than to say "Man, don't sweat it, you'll find something you love to do, and having a path to nowhere isn't all that its cracked up to be anyway.  And I DIDN'T like my job, I'm not even sure I'm very good at it, so just be careful what you wish for..."  That kind of stuff.
Fast forward 16 years later to my 41st birthday party my wife threw for me at Mike Moore's Bar and Bistro here in Boulder. (For those of you still reading this far... if you never meet my wife, it's because she says she often feels like I'm still living in high school and doesn't NEED to attend a reunion, because we live it! case in point... ha)  Sean came late, up from Denver to help me celebrate my birthday.  And we stayed even later with a small group of ski friends and Spartans.  You know, the party AFTER the party when sometimes the most fun happens.  But before we got too deep into the evening, I recounted the above story - of which he had no recollection.  But he admitted the sentiment sounded reasonable for him at that time.  And what I said to him was  'Man, you TOTALLY figured it out!  You got it!  What you're doing is amazing, and rewarding, and all of us around you are psyched to see you doing what you like/love.  You've got direction, a career, and everyone around you thinks you're doing an amazing job.  How fun is must be to like what you do and to be so good at it".  Because that was all true.  He laughed, maybe even nodded to shut me up, which is never easy to do.
Sean and I weren't that tight.  He had much better friends here and elsewhere.  So my observations and opinions might be far from accurate.  And I have NO idea why that day at Wash Park stuck with me.  None. But it did.  And now, where we are today, I think what I like most about the memory is that it reminds me how lucky he was to have figured it out.   Plenty of memories of the guy.  More from Colorado than Madison.  I'll miss randomly bumping into him once or twice a year at a ski hill, and catching up over a beer at apres.  That's the part that sucks for me.  
Thanks for letting me share. 

10/05/14 08:09 PM #8    

Marni Wileden (Klein)

Thanks for sharing all. He certainly seemed to have a lot figured out - even way back. I didn't know Sean well enough. But, perhaps like a lot of us, I felt like one of his friends. It seems that's just how he treated any one with whom he came in to contact. His smile and genuiness would make you feel connected instantly. So saddened to hear of his passing and feeling like I missed out on really knowing a remarkable guy. My thoughts are with his family and all his true close friends that were obviously so blessed to have him in their lives. Summits, bluebird powder days and gratitude to you Sean.

10/15/14 12:03 PM #9    

Kervin Krause

A couple of memories stick out for me:

Sean & I getting through confirmation class together in Jefferson middle school at Asbury. We had a lot of fun that year when we actually showed up - we were both there to make our mothers happy and as good-great sons we obliged.

Through HS and college I would usually see Sean at Tyrol although during summer we always had a blast in MadTown! Great memories of our annual 20 hour drive to the Summit with Cass, Carp & others & Sean coming down from Wyoming and later up from Boulder where by the end of the trip we were all singing the Cowboys "Yip Yip Yahoo" cry.

Another great memory I have is on my move out to California I crashed on Sean's couch. What was going to be a night stay turned into an incredibly fun week to remember! Sean was an amazing host of Boulder taking me from friends to the ski hill to friends to the bar to friends and one of the best Halloween nights I have ever had to this day!

As Zana wrote Sean had closer friends than me but over the decades I sharred some great memeroies with him which will stick wtih me the rest of my life. As Zana wrote Sean lived his life on his terms and kept right on charging ahead creating a life worth living. He was such a wonderful mix of Midwestern down to Earthness mixed with the intense charging "Go time!" energy he always had waiting to come out anytime/anywhere - I will miss his great energy dearly!!!

Yip Yip Yip Yahoo!!!

11/19/14 12:16 PM #10    

Thomas Brunner

Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime... We'll take the best, forget the rest and some day we'll find these are the best of times. -Styx 


We'll Miss Ya Brotha!

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